Wednesday, January 22, 2014

National Automotive Policy (NAP 2014) - sedikit sedutan kenyataan media


Aku nak tampal kenyataan berikut supaya aku dapat kenang detik bersejarah ini kerana NAP adalah langkah pertama ke arah liberasi sektor automotif Negara Malaysia. Dengan liberasi ini diharapkan sektor automotif negara akan berkembang.

Tak apa, kita tengok putik itu akan berkembang atau tidak, dan kalau berkembang, apa warna kelopak kembangnya...adakah putih atau pun biru.


The objectives of the NAP 2014 are to:

a. promote a competitive and sustainable domestic automotive industry including the national automotive companies;

b. make Malaysia the regional automotive hub in energy efficient vehicles (EEV);

c. promote increase in value-added activities in a sustainable manner;

d. promote increase in exports of vehicles and automotive components;

e. promote participation of Bumiputera companies in the total value chain of the domestic automotive industry; and

f. safeguard consumers’ interest by offering safer and better quality products at competitive prices.

There are 6 roadmaps and action plans developed to complement the implementation of the NAP 2014. These roadmaps also serve as guidelines for the transformation of the local automotive industry. They are:

(i) Malaysia Automotive Technology Roadmap (MATR);

(ii) Malaysia Automotive Supply Chain Development Roadmap;

(iii) Malaysia Automotive Human Capital Development Roadmap;

(iv) Malaysia Automotive Remanufacturing Roadmap;

(v) Development of Automotive Authorized Treatment Facilities (ATF) Framework; and

(vi) Malaysia Automotive Bumiputera Development Roadmap.


Central to this policy is the vision of Malaysia to become an energy efficient vehicle (EEV) hub. This encompasses strategies and measures to strengthen the entire value chain of the automotive industry and will also lead to environment conservation, high-income job creation, transfer of technology and create new economic opportunities for local companies.

The global definition of EEV is vehicles that meet a set of specifications in terms of carbon emission level (CO2/km) and fuel consumption (L/km). EEV includes fuel-efficient vehicles, hybrid, Electric Vehicle and alternatively fuelled vehicles e.g. CNG, LPG, Biodiesel, Ethanol, Hydrogen and Fuel Cell. Based on this vision, about 85% of vehicles produced in Malaysia in 2020 will be EEVs.


Vendor development is very important in creating a competitive automotive industry. The NAP 2014 targets to develop world-class vendors. Domestic vendors will be transformed to become global and regional level component manufacturers.


Employment is one of the main contributions of the NAP 2014. About 550,000 people are directly employed in the automotive industry. With this policy, it is expected that 150,000 more employment opportunities will be created by 2020; while local skilled and semi-skilled workers will replace 80% of foreign workers in the automotive manufacturing sector by 2020.


During the GE13, BN promised a gradual reduction of prices ranging 20% to 30% over the next 5 years. A Car Price Reduction framework has been developed to fulfill the promise of gradual price reduction. The framework consists of measures to be taken by the Government and industry.

The NAP 2014 will see a bigger base of new models being introduced in the domestic market. These models will not only be greener but also safer.

The Government is constantly reviewing its fiscal position and is open to possibility to reduce excise duties when the fiscal situation permits.

Models such as Saga SV, Persona SV, Viva, Alza and MyVi S Series, the new Honda Jazz and Nissan Almera were introduced at reduced prices of between 3 and 17%. These models accounted for 30% of market share in 2013.

In 2014, more new models and variants will be introduced at competitive prices.



Daddy Ziyyad said...

hope Euromobil bawa masuk lagi A6 Hybrid...sangat berbaloi beli

gadisBunga™ said...

aku malas nak baca. tapi aku nak komen. sekian. hahaha!!!

Nizam.Ariff said...

Sape sape yg stabil ekonominya boleh la...

Takpe...itu pun dah cukup...haha

LydSunshine said...

menurut firasat, mungkin kelopaknya putih... seperti selalu... sighh..

t.a.t.a said...

gB tak aci! mana boleh buat sorang², aku pun nak jugak. hahaha.

Nizam.Ariff said...

Mgkin...xde apa yg brtunas..

Ko pun mana aci...

Rapunzel Cikilolo said...


hrga kereta murah tak?


Nizam.Ariff said...

Kereta import akan murah la...

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